Lindy Resident Emergency Relief Rent Fund

Our mission is to provide rent relief to Lindy residents in times of emergencies; so that they can focus on what is most important and to help return to stability.

Please review the questions below. If you respond yes to all of the following criteria; we encourage you to proceed with the application process.

Can I answer yes to the questions below?

I have been a Lindy Property resident for the past 12 months. I have good rent payment history and I am in good standing (See good standing definition below). The other residents of the apartment are aware of the proposed application and acknowledge that this rent relief from Lindy Resident Emergency Rent Relief Fund is limited to one application per unit per year.

Good Standing is defined as:
The term “current and future” is defined as in residence at a Lindy Community for at least one year.

Rent payment history

From the Emergency Event to application, a deficiency not to exceed $1,000.  That is, at the time of application, no more than a $1,000 deficiency from the past 30 days.

At awarding of rent relief, the same maximum deficiency of $1,000.

Late fees

No more than three late fees in the last 12 months.  

No eviction filings

No prior complaints or warnings, such as noise complaints, where the resident was deemed at fault.  

Has the event occurred within this time period?

90 days

Is the event for which I’m requesting a grant listed below?

DOMESTIC ABUSE: This is a situation that causes the resident and other victims to leave an unsafe residence.

QUALIFIED DISASTER: These events include state or federally declared disasters, disasters resulting from common carrier accidents, and disasters that result from a terroristic or military action.

VICTIM OF A VIOLENT CRIME: This includes a serious crime against the resident (robbery, arson, assault or other reportable crime) that significantly impacts the family’s resources.

SERIOUS ILLNESS or INJURY, or NON-ROUTINE/EXCEPTIONAL MEDICAL EXPENSE: The Fund is not a substitute for medical insurance; residents do not automatically qualify for a grant when they, or their dependents, are diagnosed with or suffer a life-threatening or serious illness or injury. There must be resulting financial need placing significant pressure on the family’s financial resources. Doctor confirmation and/or medical documentation will be required.

DEATH OF RESIDENT OR THEIR IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBER: This includes the death of the resident, spouse, or eligible dependent(s). The loss of income or the cost of funeral expenses or medical bills must significantly impact the family’s resources. The Fund may also be able to pay expenses to bring a child whose parents have died to live with a new family, typically a relative.

Is the hardship you are facing listed below?  


Is the grant amount you are requesting between $500 and one full month’s rent?